low-key day, I hope

I'm hoping for a low key day today. I still am not feeling the greatest. The support staff was calling me Typhoid Mary yesterday. My husband is trying to make me go to the doctor. The fact of the matter is I am a lousy patient and won't see the doctor unless I'm on death's door.

It's the age old conundrum... do I risk making everyone at work sick, or do I go in and make a show of it? I usually opt to go in and make a show of it.

I was looking at the filtering software. I hope they let us decide the parameters for it. Pornography can go, IM can go, games can go. I feel like it gets way too intrusive when you start blocking certain emails though, which alledgedly this can. I guess I'd like to know more the nuts and bolts of how it works. Keywords, I would think. I know when I'm in one of my more, er, colorful moods I use a lot of words that would probably cause a filter to pop up. They're not necessarily pornographic emails though.

I guess I just don't like the limits on language. Would the filter block the infamous Rolling Stone piece where John Kerry uses the f-word?

But blocking the images (which we've had problems with in the past, and I really don't want on my watch, thank you) and blocking certain "recreational" activities I am all for. As to whether the computers should be just blocked to library databases -- which is possible -- well, maybe for the catalog terminals. I would never limit the internet terminals to just InfoTrac and the online papers and the catalog. There are too many people who use them legitimately for other things, even if it is just checking email.

I guess the possibility is there to also filter out attachments in emails. As much as I'd love to do this for the safety of the computers, I realize that sometimes, many times, you're spinning into the library for a quick look at the attachment your colleague sent you. It happens at least on a weekly basis at my library.

I want to give people the benefit of the doubt. I just hope we get some say in the parameters we get to set up. I'd like our current set up, which doesn't block much, with some added features.

The systems librarian's wish list....


Our adult services department head has given explicit permission for patrons to use the likes of MSN Messenger. Even after an inicident late last year involving abuse by what a friend of mine adequately called "pimply faced teen", giving type-written abuse using another person's account. How? This other person obviously did understand that one needs to "unclick" the checkbox during installation that says something close to "link .net passport to this windows account"? Anyway, to make a long story short the local police were called in, the teen was hauled away and our library was told by the officier "You've got to do something about this".Yep. Just this week a suggestion in the suggestion box "When will you have MSN Messenger?".Either your library fights it or your library doesn't. To be honest, it is a heck of alot easier not to fight it, although I personally think we need more signs around here that say "USE THESE PUBLIC MACHINES AT YOUR OWN RISK".