To PIX or not to PIX; that is the question

I'm talking firewalls! Sheesh, some people...

PIX is a type of Cisco firewall. You'd think that there'd be something super inteligent in an entry level firewall from Cisco that cost $1,500. Just to satisfy your curiosity, check out this link.

But nooo, what you're looking at right there is likely a 350MHz P2 box with a customized OS and almost no memory. You can get the general idea from here and here.

So why pay $1,000 to $1,500 specially budget'd dollars to yer library for that retired doorstop? I don't know, you tell me! Since I can get this system for under $300cdn. Ok, I give, it has no floppy or monitor. But then, why buy new when that retired P2 is doing nothing but collecting dust on your shelf?

All you need to do is pay for a top quality, security conscious O/S and a couple of decent network cards (Intel NICs are highly recommended), a little time and viola, you have yourself a high quality vpn/ipsec and lets not forget redundancy capable firewall.

A great comedic spoof has been written and preformed in honour of OpenBSD's next release, 3.5. I encourage all those individuals that are fans of the great Monty Python troupe please visit this web page for a hilarious out-take on how and why redundancy was built into OpenBSD.

Yes. You caught me. I'm done plugging OpenBSD (for now, anyway :). A little evangelism never hurt anybody, right?

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