G-string mail and underwire browser supporters

Submitted by shoe on Mon, 04/05/2004 - 12:16

Doesn't a supported browser sort of sound like a type of undergarment? Kind of like "blog" makes me think of running noses.
So Google is aiming for a week or three to have gmail go live. I will forgive them if it doesn't happen. I am hoping I can hosey the name "shoe." If not, I'll settle for my old Yahoo-esque user name -- yeah, with a gig of storage! I went to the ol' gmail site to check it out, and it tells me...

You are using an unsupported browser

I am also using the best browser in the world, thank you. Sure, I haven't paid for Opera, but I am trying to make converts everywhere I go. What is it that people don't like about compliant browsers and tabbed browsing? It is so all about the tabbed browsing.
Besides, Google should love it... I'm already used to targeted ads from using my elcheapo unregistered copy of Opera.
Still feeling ill, but I have a meeting today I have to be at. I also want to see what little tricks are on the Horizon, if you know what I mean.