the ol' back and forth

As of late this afternoon, Horizon appears to be working, and fully functional, albeit slow. Interesting. I fear it's because the old systems guy fixed something I missed... though I would assume he would tell me if he did. (that's my insecurity talking) There was no reason to touch the print server today, as it, and all the terminals, were completely shut down.

The old systems guy did have an interesting point... that perhaps logging in through the reference computer to the server, and mixing workgroups, is causing a conflict. I don't think it is, as we've been having this conflict much longer than I've been using that function of the OCS software. Also, it's not terribly different from telnet-ing in, when you think about it. I'm essentially authenticating myself to a server, and then doing my thing.

But if there were going to be a conflict, it's probably not a bad place to look.

The fact that Horizon didn't work half the day, then worked the second half of the day, and the print server's been down for two days now, leads me to believe my poor little (louder than sin) print server is innocent.

I also think I'm running an unnecessary process on the print server, which could be slowing things down, though probably not enough to make a real difference.

I will keep my opinions on Horizon to myself.


Hi, At my library, we have Horizon, and as you know, use OCS. We don't have any problem with access to Horizon due to logging into the print server. So, I think you're right that the OCS isn't your problem. --Laurie :-)