ILS ills

Horizon was acting up yesterday. I was so in the mood for it too. I have the head cold from hell (my dad says I now sound like Stevie Nicks). Anyway, head cold aside, there's a lot of pointing going on as to what the problem is. I am willing to look at the possibility that it could be on our end, but with the behavior of the system in general, I don't think it is. Still, I will do the virus scans and I took down all the computers that were, er, superfluous.

What does that mean? You guessed it. No internet. It's hard to deal with the public demand as far as that goes. We're taking it down, this time, because it's important as a diagnostic tool. Maybe it's because I'm sick, or maybe it's because I'm just as confounded as (I know) they are in town (but won't admit), or maybe it's because I don't relish the idea of spending hundreds of dollars to have a network guy come, but I really don't want to hear the public complain they can't check their flipping hotmail. I have more sympathy for kids doing homework, of course.

I hope that the problem at least resolved itself. Slow, I can deal with. Half functioning, like yesterday... very irritating.