home early

I came home early, sick. I feel guilty. So guilty that I took a nap (I know, that doesn't sound guilty) and then I logged in and started doing work relating to our little telecom problem. I probably should have stayed at work to tough it out, but I felt so awful. I still feel awful. But I feel a little less awful that I got to lay down.

We are having a telecom problem. Well, allegedly. I don't believe it entirely. I still have my doubts whether a faulty hub can cause the same SQL error over and over consistently. I suppose stranger things have happened, but I'm not willing to sink tons of money into getting someone out to look at hardware until I'm damn sure. We don't have money to toss around like that.

I did find lots of nice grants in The Foundation Directory. I am going to look into them.

Even through my cold, there was a book today I could smell (it wasn't a scratch and sniff, either). I guess it was okay that it smelled good, kind of green tea/floral like. It also had some nice stains all over it that made me feel dirty. So it was marked as damaged.

More to follow, back to bed with me.