working with the public is hazardous to your health

This is my second cold in a month. While I was at Simmons, I got, I think two colds in two years. Bummer. Under normal circumstances, since I was up all night and feel very barfy, I probably would claim defeat and take a sick day. But our YA librarian is among the missing this week, which leaves us with a total of three librarians, myself included.

The weather isn't very nice. I'm hoping it keeps the kids away, but usually it drives them all in. Fridays aren't always so bad though. Kids seem to have other things to do on Friday.

Today is a break from computers day, if I can at all help it. I have some reference books I'd like to order. I should weed if I get the chance, although that's up in the air. I've done my computer related good deed for the week -- well, two of them. I got the software for the Horizon backup on line, and I got the Francomputer working. Oh yeah, and that whole timed access thing.

I like to name patrons. There's "Very Intense Man." Very Intense Man seems to be a nice enough guy but boy is he -- intense. Every statement is delivered a la William Shatner. Then there's "Racist Man." Haven't seen him in awhile. Not that I miss him or anything.

Then you start to know patrons by what they ask for. There's this one kid that comes in looking for criticisms of a certain author (well, there's lots of kids that do that, but one kid stands out). First he came in wanting a biography, which I found for him. Then he wanted criticism, which another librarian found for him (thank you, thank you Gale Group). Then we came full circle back to biographies. We aren't getting new biographies on this author every week, unfortunately. And it isn't someone like Mark Twain or F. Scott Fitzgerald, who would have several biographies.

I have been recommended a different type of lockdown software. This interests me, as I find Fortres lacking in certain features. I mean, Fortres is good, and it keeps people out of the major stuff... I would like to try something different though. The major problem being, there are a lot of things I would like to try that come first.

What I was recommended does block java based games and IM. That interests me. I wonder what else it blocks, though. Button up Fortres too tight, and it blocks all the OCS stuff. People get surly when you take away their ability to print.


Is Deep> considered a lock-down software? We use it here and it keeps the commputers clean. One feature I like is that if the user messed something up (download, settings, etc.), all I need to do is reboot the computer and it's back to normal.

I feel your pain re: colds and such. I work with children between the ages of 5 and 10/11. I get at least two to three colds a year. I often forget about hand washing and often don't have time between classes.

Last year, I had two children throw up in the library (thank god, they missed the books). That is Very Bad as I have a very weak gag reflex when it comes to puke--if I smell it, I'll most likely add to what's there. Fortunately that wasn't a problem those two times. But man, did I ever get the janitor in here fast!

Then you have the kids who wipe their noses on their can be gross at times, that's for sure!

Awaiting the start of my "Book Fair cold"...


Handwashing will save you a lot of grief, as will wiping down surfaces that get a lot of contact, like phone, keyboard, mouse, etc.

I don't envy you guys working around the teens and preteens.

Cleaning is an issue at our school: we have all this technology--every classroom has 4 comps for student use, the teacher has a comp, I have a circ and office comp, and there are 12 comps in the multi media room.

Now, because our janitorial staff is provided by the company that owns our bldg (and which the gov't rents--don't ask it was a stupid idea which has since died in the building of new schools, thank god) they're told they're not to do anymore than dust the monitors/desks. Not allowed to clean anything else on the computer (apparently related to possible breakage or something).

Cleaning the exterior of the comps is NOT in our computer tech's job description (nor do I think it should be) and god forbid the teachers actually _clean_ something. Sorry for the sarcasm, but most of our teachers will call for the day janitor to come pick up a piece of paper towel off the bathroom floor instead of doing it themselves. So, unless the teacher decides they can't live with the dirt and grime, the keyboards/mice/monitors do not get cleaned.

Now, last year, I got so disgusted by the crud I felt when I used the mice on the comps in the mm room that I took an afternoon where I had no scheduled classes and cleaned all 12 mice and keyboards, I couldn't take it anymore. *shudder* I found organic growth of some sort in the seam of one of the mice...*ew*

I also clean up my own comps, but it's not as bad as 99.9% of the time I'm the only one using them. But the ones in the multi media room are used by over half the student population.

As germy as they can be I still enjoy working with the elementary aged kids more than with teens. Just my preference, of course.