Three LAN cards later, I gave up and shoved the IBM LAN card that was in the Linux box in the stupid Windows box. It worked beautifully, and I think I was the only one that was sorry to see the Linux terminal go. God knows the patrons weren't.

As soon as I got the LAN card working, I went online and discovered I didn't have the right drivers for the old piece of crud Nvidia card in the box. The piece of crud drivers that came with the piece of crud operating system (unless Bill Gates wants to give me a grant. I can be bought) made all the sites look like pieces of crud. Something about only 16 colors will do that. I was so intent on getting the piece of crud LAN card to work that the piece of crud graphics slipped by me.

After frenzied googling I found the correct piece of crud drivers. Finally the computer was suitable for public consumption. I managed to put the computer on the network, load Fortres, load the OCS software, and go on my merry way. It is currently out getting it's share of abuse.

So this one computer is now made up of several. It's had donated organs that have gone through several computers -- I believe the LAN card came originally out of an IBM that finally gave up the ghost in the children's room.

More praise for the timed access software. I do so wish we could get card integration, but I don't think it's going to be effective. Besides, it's sort of nice to visually see who's back there. Make the connection, and all that.

This is definitely going to be less wear and tear on the PCs. They're getting used about the same, but more seriously. As the assistant director so aptly said, "The toy factor is gone." And it's true, he's right. People buckle down and do what they have to do. They for the most part are respecting the one hour limit and aren't going back trying for a third half hour.

I think I am going to put the OS X machine sitting on the floor by my desk out as the email terminal, eventually. That way we'll have a computer with international fonts out as something that isn't carded. First I have to find a way to keep Safari from closing. Or educate the world on actually opening it.