my birthday wish

Today is my birthday. I have my crappy schedule today, which is the 1-9 shift. Also, the YA librarian is on her honeymoon (congratulations to her) so I probably will be on the desk more than I would be. I am sort of hoping that as a birthday present I at least wasn't scheduled in the Young Adult Room. That would suck. That rates right up there with the Children's Room.

Reference all afternoon would suit me dandy. Especially since that will make it easier for me to explain the new software to patrons. And field their complaints (happy birthday to me!) Maybe, if I'm lucky, there will be some appreciative statements too. But I'm not expecting them till later on. And even then, I'm not really expecting them.

Here's to more time for real reference questions, not, "Waaaah, he won't get off the computer!"

I also have to make some calls today regarding Horizon. There are a few little bugs we have questions about. It'd be nice to have the administrator's manual... Not so much so I can make administrative changes (because I can't), but so I know what changes are possible. But I have a feeling the administrators don't even have manuals.


You must not be too old to celebrate them;)

Maybe you should have tried to get the wedding moved so the honeymoon wouldn't clash with your Special Day. (What's that? You tried and they wouldn't change the date? How dare they?!)

"Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu..... Happy Birthday to youuuuuu..." Perhaps you'll hear that all day long if you just wear a huge button or sticker that says, "It's my birthday, be nice to me."

I've really enjoyed reading your journal, keep it up! Happy birthday, things can always be worse.

A happy birthday to you from all at our household! (Yes, we gather in the evenings together and read your journal, which we enjoy and appreciate!) So, happy birthday and many more!

Happy belated birthday!