Lazarus, come forth

Or, today's version, IBM 300GL, come forth. Today, just for the hell of it, I switched video cards. One from the work room computer (which was dead) into my dead computer. Lo and behold, then they both booted and worked fine. I can not pretend to understand. I made no pretenses that I really understood what exactly went on. I fully expect both of them to stop working if I look at them cross eyed or insult their mothers. But for now, we are once again running with computers where they really need to be. Happily ever after. Amen.

Perhaps it was my computer's three hour visit to the basement computer morgue that scared the bejeebies out of it and got it working again.

Amazing how people will fight over overdue fines. This is over an amount of money I'm sure they don't even notice they're spending at Dunkin Donuts in the morning. But that pays our messengers. It's not like we're salting it away to close the library to go to Tahiti.

If you ask me, libraries without messengers are really bummers. I wish I could have been a messenger as a kid. I find shelving books relaxing. I tend to drop books a lot though. Clumsy me.

I spotted two teenagers in the lower stacks reading. They were being good, but I asked them to go up to young adult. It's kind of dark and skeevy in the lower stacks, and I didn't want them down there alone. I don't like to be down there alone.

Caught a kid last night beating on one of my keyboards playing online games, which is prohibited. I am mighty protective of keyboards and mice. They're like pet hamsters, with their short life spans and their funny odor. Okay, well, at least with their short lifespans.


"Life of a One-Man IT Department"