You know you are a librarian when...

Your books AND CDs are organized by subject or type then author/composer. Actually, my books aren't organized anymore. We purchased four eight foot tall bookshelves and to maximize space put all the paperbacks together, all the big books together, etc. So, the books aren't in order by subject anymore. But, then my husband and I have gobs and gobs of books. That's what I get for marrying a historian. ; )


In the April issue of Home Magazine there is an ad for Jenn-Air which shows a kitchen with built in book shelves around every appliance--obviously for a cook-book collector, but it could work for history and library science too! There even appears to be a "book pantry" to the left of the double oven. The> site didn't show it, but I found a terrific blender shaped like a pitcher that has possibilities.

Hey, love that idea. Actually, my husband has talked about installing book shelves under the bar. The kitchen and living room are one big room. There is a long low bar that visually seperates the two areas (plus the cabinets in the "kitchen"). On the living room side, you see paneling. So, my husband wants to put book shelves there. Of course, empty shelves just beg to be filled. ; )