You're number 602 in line for the Da Vinci Code

I got to tell a guy that today. He didn't want to wait. I do hope he realized we had more than one book. He rushed out before I could tell him.

A gentleman got a little testy out our policy that you need a library card to use "a stupid word processor." Believe me, spend eight hours installing and configuring Linux on a machine that's been virusized -- that can no longer take a current Windows operating system -- calling any piece of machinery stupid with me is not going to fly. The library has no money for hardware, and had to fight for their systems person. We have to watch who uses it and how.

Not that this guy looked like he was going to break anything. But when they get defensive over a library card, it's a little scary.

Linux is beautiful. Sort of. I spent most of the day trying to get a browser to run by itself at login and look decent on the screen. I gave up on the Mozilla kiosk, which for some reason wouldn't let me use the keyboard to input anything. So we've resorted to Opera with my tweaking so that certain preferences can't be changed and bookmarks can't be saved. Now if I can figure out why it's not auto-logging in, we'll be golden.

Konqueror, KDE's kind of silly Fisher Price looking browser, looked even sillier without a desktop around it. So I opted for Opera.

Time to play with some source code! Well, just with the toolbars. I sort of know what I'm doing, honest.

I spent a lot of time in the closed stacks today. I think I was feverish, and it was cooool in there. It was also dark and quiet. I discovered up in the 940s the floor looks a little weak, and I was hesistant to step in certain areas. The whole place is rather dizzying anyway.

Now, there's some cold medicine with my name on it.

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