So "nipplegate" continues. The chairman of the FCC, Michael Powell, is outraged. He tells the broadcast media to "clean up their rooms." Well, you know what really is an outrage? This whole hullabaloo (nice word, huh) over JJ's bodice. Who do they think they're kidding? The Superbowl is all about SEX. Big bulky jocks in tight football uniforms (yeah, look at those tight ends!!) and perky, bubbly cheerleaders shaking their pom-poms and whatever else they've got. Commercials selling whatever they're selling with sex (oh yeah, and drugs). Sometimes I wonder about our culture. Let's just hope that none of my tax dollars go into an inquiry about the wardrobe malfunction.


Birdie, I'm completely with you on this on!We go running off to a war of choice, kill thousands of foreigners, let our own people die by the hundreds and wounded by the thousands. The orignal rationale is shown to be false. The effect (so far) is a collective yawn.Every year, TV, Movies, and music pour forth tremendous amounts of violent images. You can watch dozens of simulated murders and rapes a day if you're so inclined. The effect? Not even a collective yawn.But let one singer of questionable judgement and taste expose her breast for 10 seconds, it's time to bring on the inquisitors!Thanks for pointing out the real outrage.

Did you see today's comic? Very well critiqued.

Good one, thanks for sharing Anna.

...if you're interested in the values of US broadcasters and government guidelines for same, you've got to read this article: from the Seattle Times

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