Good news bad news

The good news is, the printer station is in fact compatible with Macs, despite what the gentleman at the copier place said. The bad news: it's going to confuse the bejeebies out of our patrons. I mean, I'm a little confused, because my Mac knowledge is limited, and for some reason the print spooler prints to the monitor, not the printer. Go figure.

What the patrons will have to do is choose the printer in the Chooser. That scares me. There must be a way I can make an alias to the printer to find my way around that. I don't want people fooling around in the chooser, thank you very much. I think an upgrade to Panther may help this. If I recall correctly, the chooser is gone in OS X, and there's a printer only type tool. Not a "do you want to connect to the server here?" tool. The last thing I want is anyone connecting to (or disconnecting) the server, with the exception of staff. Some staff.

The assistant director wouldn't have it any other way. I can't blame him. Actually, I really appreciate that.

The bad news part deux: I'm not sure the staff is going to like hooking the Macs up much to the printer. It's not complicated once you know, but it is a pain the butt.

I have also been approached with the idea of turning some of our catalogs into ten minute email stations. I am thinking on it. It's not like people use the email station for email. It's not like our catalogs are all always being used. Sure, some people do use the email terminals for email. But most of them use it as a way to surf the net. If I could find a way to limit it, man, that would make my day. Short of making it hotmail only or Yahoo! only, though, it's difficult. Then, I could make one hotmail only, the other Yahoo! only and get on with my life.

The fact of the matter is, I often feel like we're running an internet cafe without the coffee and the charge. In a way that's as it should be, and in a way it bothers me.

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