You Got Feeds

You may notice all the journals have an button now. You may not notice, or ever care.

I've also had no luck enabling the ability to moderate and post in the same thread. I thouhgt it would be easy, but it seems to be a bit more difficult than I had hoped. Any know perl see something wrong with this?

sub _can_mod {
        my($comment) = @_;
        my $user = getCurrentUser();
        my $constants = getCurrentStatic();
        $comment->{time_unixepoch} = timeCalc($comment->{date}, "%s", 0)
                unless $comment->{time_unixepoch};
                && $constants->{allow_moderation}
                && !$comment->{no_moderation}
                && ( (
                       $user->{points} > 0
                    && $user->{willing}
                    && $comment->{uid} != $user->{uid}
                    && $comment->{lastmod} != $user->{uid}
                    && $comment->{ipid} ne $user->{ipid}
                    && (!$constants->{mod_same_subnet_forbid}
                        || $comment->{subnetid} ne $user->{subnetid} )
                    && (!$user->{state}{discussion_archived}
                        || $constants->{comments_moddable_archived})
                    && $comment->{time_unixepoch} >= time() - 3600*
                        || 24*$constants->{archive_delay})
                ) || (
                    && $user->{seclev} >= $constants->{authors_unlimited}
                ) );

It seems like I just need to comment out a couple of those lines, but no such luck.


Whatever made you decide to put XML buttons on all the journal pages? Hmm...could it be pesky questions from the community? ;)

Hi Blake,

If this is a conversation that's already come and gone, I bow to the majority.

If not, I'd like to to consider not letting people being able to post and moderate to the same thread.

It seems like it creates too much of an incentive to cut down other peoples postings and boost your own.

In my struggles to moderate, I find I can be more objective about the stories that don't drive me to post.

About the XML -- I assume this gives us RSS feeds then? I'm more ignorant on this subject than I should be. What are some of the things we can do with an XML button?

I did notice! How handy is that!

I can't help you with any perl problems, but thanks for checking about the posting/moderating in the same thread.

My suggestion would be to follow Steven M. Cohen's> as he's always got lots of good ideas on what to do with feeds. I just create them, and never use them as an end user. I'm more ignorant on this subject than I should be as well.

Look for any of the free feed readers out there.