LC and Dewey Celebrity Deathmatch

Okay, so LC isn't one person. It would be cool to see Melville Dewey (or how did he want it spelled, Melvil Dui?) take on all the Librarians of Congress. Or even just his contemporaries. Today I got a call from my alma mater, Salem State College. It seems some student said they returned a book that belonged to them to us. Problem being, Salem State uses, like many academic libraries, LC. Our circ staff would have blown a gasket had they found that. I told him that if we had gotten it, it would have been returned to the library within about a week or so, and it's been a month.

Bummer for some SSC kid.

I also, at the egging on of the assistant director (and not because I wasn't just a little curious to see it), installed OS X on the Mac in the public access area. Whoops. Our security software doesn't work on it. Looks like goes back on it tomorrow.

I do like that it has a terminal window with a tcsh shell that you can tool around in. I can do limited tooling.