bats in the belfry

Okay, they weren't in the belfry. There was a poor little bat stuck in the assistant director's office last night when I went up there to vent about how freaking stupid one of our computer vendors is. I have to thank that little bat, who was tired and scared out of his little bat mind, for getting my mind off the evil cheapo power supply they stick in these computers and on to his little plight. The custodians set him free once he perched low enough.

Today I have to call the aforementioned vendor and ask them exactly what they did, if anything, to the computer. My guess is they're going to say it didn't exhibit the problem there. Whether they actually tested it, I don't know. I somehow doubt it. I am going to tell them to hook up a voltage meter to it. The last thing I want is the power supply pooping out and taking the motherboard, chip, and possibly drives with it.

Mr. Server came down and up and down and up and down and up yet again without incident. I can get the Macs and Mr. Server to see each other, but they are having a very hard time with communicating. We also aren't set up for DHCP on the print server. I think that is causing a problem with the macs, who seem to want us to be. I don't think it's the problem, but it's a problem. I need a book on Appletalk and Windows specifically. I've done the seed routing and installed the protocols. Upgrading the Mac OS might help too.

I worked reference all alone yesterday. It went fine, except for a slight snafu at the internet terminals. But what's unusual there? Time management software, here I come.