Lest you get the wrong idea

I am not, really, an environmentalist. We recycle. Yes. I work at a library where every last scrap of paper is used, but more due to budget constraints than environment, although it's a nice side benefit. But today, we are putting a deposit down on a mondo-cool Toyota Prius.

The Prius is a gas/electric hybrid car. It's a big one, too, an actual full sized car this time around, not a compact. Toyota's coming out with a whole line of hybrid versions of their regular old cars. I think the Rav 4 is now available, and the Highlander will be available next year.

Tell me (open for discussion here) do your libraries require card access to use the internet? We currently don't, but we're wondering about perhaps changing that. Just to eliminate some fights in the long run. And hopefully increase library usage. I mean, library usage, not "free internet" usage.

This isn't a Toyota advertisement, I'm just really psyched about that.

Back to libraries tomorrow, dear LISNews readers. There is a print server with my name, for better or for worse, written all over it.


Cool on the car news!

As to the internet access question: While I don't work at the public library, I am an avid user of our local public library system. I do know that they require you to have your library card in order to sign up for and use the computers (for internet or even just word processing). I believe they just keep a handwritten paper record--write the last few digits of the card number down along with what time you've booked the comp. I don't think I've seen them enter anything onto their computers about it.

I'm not sure as I no longer have to avail myself of the public library's internet services and when I did, they didn't ask for your card.


I've been looking at the Prius as well, I'm not sure it'll be the right car for me as I do alot more highway than city driving. it sounds like a very neat car, looking forward to hearing abou it. Most of the reports I've read all loved it.

We run the RAV4 all electrics at work, and they are spiffy. You'd never know it was an electric car, other than the silence.