Hello, Mr. Server, going... down?

I got the blessing to take down the server whenever I wanted, even in the middle of the afternoon while people are clamoring to go online. I am going to do it Monday morning, when I am fresh, and the server is fresh, and we're all just fresh fresh fresh. I am sure that our regulars will be ripped, but I got permission to take all morning if it came to it. I am really hoping it doesn't, but it might be the only way I can get stuff really done. Putting big "IN USE" signs on the Macs when I start Appletalk has been a big disappointment as far as keeping the public away from where I'm working. They simply move the signs and sit their hineys down.

I had a nice lady tell me the computer crashed today (one of the Macs) and I came and restarted it for her. She was nice in that she said, "I would have done it, but I didn't think you guys would like that much." I told her we appreciated that.

I also met a very nice young man from a local high school doing a paper on a subject we had not many books about. We got him set up on InfoTrac, which he thought was "cool," and we got him some books through ILL. The good word: "This assignment is due in a month and a half." Plenty of time to get him a book or two. This kid is my new hero.

I also played Dr. Frankenstein with a Dell and an IBM and a Compaq. Now we have an almost functioning machine again. And it won't be a bad one, either, when it is fully functioning. As far as five year old donated machines go.