I wasn't in trouble. Basically the whole story got twisted around in Boston, and came back to me that the assistant director called... when it was really me that called. Does this mean I got a promotion?

Today I have to bring the new computer that is tempermental about starting to the computer shop. I think it's a bad power supply. It's a cheapo brand 300 watt powering a cd rom and an A drive. I should probably get the vital stats on those machines. I think it's running at least a P3, quite possibly a P4 chip. At any rate, it starts every fifth time you press the button.

I doubt it's our wall outlets, which was the other possibility, because everything else starts just dandy.

I got my antivirus software at work just in time. Loads of it. I've installed some of it. I got the new virus in my inbox... Unicode text, binary attachment. I sent out a warning about it, figuring if I got it, it was probably blanket emailed to everyone at the library. I'm sure someone will click on it. Perhaps I should be sure to send my little message to the branch library as well. I just don't have the address right now.

Incredibly polite high man came in last night. He thanked me for removing him from the computer when we were closing.

Know what I like about working at the library versus working retail? At closing time, the library throws people's butts out of the library. No needing to hang around while people poke at the lizards and tease the turtles and decide whether they want to purchase the $.99 can of fish food.

Tomorrow, a trip to the branch library to figure out what's up with IE. Of course, I'd just install Opera and be done with it if it were up to me. I am so tempted to do it on all the public access terminals. Expand your horizons! Download an alternative browser today!