And no powerpoint!

The whole thing was worth it, last night, when our director did her Howard Dean impression. What a scream.

So I wonder how many upper eschelons will have fundraiser hang over. No, no one was drinking, but I left at nine, when my coach turned into a pumpkin, and it was still going strong.

I got to explain the new print station yesterday, which was a might bit surprising for me. I came in, and suddenly I was giving a staff presentation.

I learned that none of us know where the toner is coming from for the printer, so I have to call about that today. Thank god laser toner lasts a bit.

I also realized my brochure for patrons on how to use the thing should come sooner rather than later.

This is the only time you'll hear me say this: The computers started acting out at the presentation, and boy was I glad. It kind of gave people an introduction to what to do when I'm not there and that happens. For most things, the assistant director wants only me touching the boxes (my preciousssssssssss) but I really think that most people can handle holding down a power button till the fans stop and then waiting ten seconds and pressing "on" again.

The director asked how I felt about the custodians switching the computers on in the morning. Hell, I don't care. As long as they don't kick them. Gotta leave something for the patrons to do.

The ornery machine is kept on the carpet, which bothers me. The alternative is to keep it on the edge of a tiny table, which also bothers me. The alternative I like the best is keeping it in my office.

It's Friday, the day the library is at half-staff. When the kids get out of school, the place is hopping. Last week there was a fight over the pay phone. Some kid came up to me after the fact and said, "That kid on the phone for an hour wasn't really talking to his mom." I never would have guessed.