The road to the library is paved with good intentions

I love the public. Really.

I made change for this guy out of my own pocket because he was having a real hard time figuring out what "Dollars full, please insert coins" meant. I was sort of on my way to do something else, so I had to help him out quickly.

I did learn it's easy to hide in the young adult room if you sit at the librarian's desk and move her ALA "Read" poster stand in front of the computer.

I installed on a few computers today. I don't want to bankrupt the library buying Office suites after I bought the very necessary staff antivirus. I use OO.o in Linux and it's very capable, and plays fairly nice with Word and Excel. It seems just as good in Windows. My direct supervisor is getting a copy tomorrow. Then she won't have to take work home.

Speaking of viruses, some nice person downloaded one on one of our new internet terminals. Of course, it's the internet terminal that doesn't want to start anyway. I guess this virus likes to randomly rename dlls. Ahem. Norton (public access computers, at least, are pretty protected) says there's nothing toxic on the computer. I hope it nailed it. I really don't want to play the old "regedit"/repair game. Things were working so nicely.

I ordered some health books for reference today. Updated our HIV books, and got a cancer encyclopedia. And some books on diabetes. Next up, atlases. How long has the Soviet Union been defunct?