Image links?

Look it works! hehehehe

And linking to a web page???

Merry christmas and Happy New Year!


How'd you do it (image & URL link)--in lay terms please!

YOu have to have the pictures located on a server that people can get to through the internet. Having the pics on your hard drive won't work.

You'd have to have someplace where your images could be up and you could show them through the net, if you wanted to. Or you could just link to them from boards/sites like this one.

The html way to show them is this, including the angled brackets:

Put whatever URL you want into that http: slotand make sure it's in quotes.

this is called remote linking. YOu should not do this for just any pics on any site as some sites don't allow people off their sites to use their bandwidth linking to their pictures.

The images I used are on my website.

use this as the code for linking an image

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