Presidential Libraries...History Uncovered on C-SPAN

Oops, we missed the first one, but there are eleven more to go...C-SPAN is broadcasting live from one presidential library each week, (it started last Friday with the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library in West Branch, Iowa).

Presidential historian Richard Norton Smith will be hosting, and he predict that the broadcasts will be "a kind of history that people don't get out of their textbooks." Story from The Houston Chronicle; details from C-SPAN. Watch on C-SPAN-TV, listen on C-SPAN Radio.

When: Every Friday through Nov. 30. Check your local listings (as they say).

Sept. 14: Franklin D. Roosevelt

Sept. 21: Harry S. Truman

Sept. 28: Dwight D. Eisenhower

Oct. 5: John F. Kennedy

Oct. 12: Lyndon Baines Johnson

Oct. 19: Richard Nixon

Oct. 26: Gerald R. Ford

Nov. 2: Jimmy Carter

Nov. 9: Ronald Reagan

Nov. 16: George Bush

Nov. 30: William J. Clinton


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