Manga Illustrator Arrested for Obscenity

Japan has weird laws when it comes to adult oriented materials. In manga, the artistic depiction of the sexual violation of a young woman by a demonic, sentient, plant bearing multiple phalluses is quite okay and all is well, just so long as you don't show her vulva or pubic hair. You can show her breasts, that's fine. Just censor that which lies between the upper thighs and the waist.

That said, you know that something weird was up when a manga illustrator was actually arrested for obscenity.


Mike Diana created a comic called Boiled Angel and was prosecuted on obscenity charges. I was the thing (it was local to me) I don't think it was obscene, crap yes, but it was a comic book so I had a hard time seeing comics as obscene.

It went to SCOTUS where the dirty drawer struck>.