Coming to A Town Near You? The Itinerant Poetry Librarian


You might find yourself with this young woman as a houseguest one of these days, or you might go to see her presentation or borrow some of her poetry tomes. To answer the question, "What is the point of poetry?" Sara Wingate Gray is traveling the world as an "itinerant poetry librarian".

Fifteen months ago, Gray, a 29-year-old Brit with a B.A. and M.A. in poetry, shed her belongings, hit the road and has lived as an unpaid, nomadic librarian. Here mum is not too keen on the idea. Find out more from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.


If the story is true and there is not some (sorry) poetic license then I think the woman should have a mental health examination. Staying on strange people's divans and eating food from dumpsters is not someothing who is easily otherwise abled does rationally.

Nor is she a librarian. She is a poet. Librarianship is a profession that requires (or so I am told) an advanced degree in Library Studies. If she were the itinerant poetry doctor would that be any less odd.

That said I feel that there was a great deal of license taken with that article and I hope for the woman's sake and her mother's sanity she is housed and fed by responsible people with whom she has made prior arrangements.

She does strike me as a bit of an oddball, but I admire her tenacity. Who knows, she might make a difference...