Librarian Rows, yes, Rows to Work at the Library of Congress

After years battling awful traffic on the Anacostia Freeway in suburban Maryland, librarian Gabriel Horchler has found a calm and enjoyable way to get to work at the Library of a matter of fact, he calls his commute "the highlight of my day." He rides a bicycle to his where his 21-foot-long fiberglass rowing shell is stored in a boathouse, then completes his commute with another bicycle.

The routine is only possible thanks to a flexible work schedule. The Library of Congress allows employees to arrive between 6:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. -- a policy intended in part to help workers cope with the area's notorious traffic.CNN has the story.


And come to work looking and smelling like a used football jersey?

I'll sit in traffic, thanks.

according to the article.

Yeah, I ride my bike to work. Most workplaces are required by law to have bathrooms. I go in, lock the door, change into fresh clothes. It really isn't that hard.

Why does he not simply sell his house and live at the LOC. If he is going to shower there he may as well just take his meals on the town, and bed down in the stacks.

I can understand why one would row to work, I hate traffic. 70 minutes this morning for a usual 30-40 minute ride. It rained - sprinkled really- and the Florida drivers (who spend most of their commute on the phone) all slow to 20 miles an hour and still can't avoid running into one another.

I wonder if he could skate to work on the frozen river if it were cold enough?

Public transit. I don't know where the guy lives but chances are he could take Metro and as a Gov't employee get money to do so.