Ready for...A Library As "An Intellectual Coffeeshop"?

The fantastic new $20 million Encinitas, CA library facility is currently under construction. The mayor, James Bond (yup) says "I'm not in any way trying to denigrate the value of the library, it will just be totally different. I think it will be more of an intellectual coffee shop than a library. Heaven knows it will have one of the best patio views in the city."

Wonder if there's going to be coffee in the 'intellectual coffee shop'. Wonder what he's got against libraries?

Check out architect Manuel Orcina's renderings of the new facility here. More from Mayor Bond and library personnel from the North Country Times.


I love when people say that an entire library will fit in a palm-sized computer; they ignore the social component. Libraries are places for people. They are cutting edge of technology, but mashed-up with the human element. It's a perfect synergy (like how I threw in several buzz words--garsh, I'm the coolest).

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