School Principal Spends the Day Up On the Roof

Children (and teachers?)sometimes have a hard time thinking of their school principal as a regular human being, so you can imagine the joy incurred when Candy McCarthy, Principal of Washington Middle School in Salinas, CA spent the day on the school roof as a reward for her students surpassing a spending level at the school book fair. Salinas Californian (home of Steinbeck and the public library reprieved from closure a couple of years ago) has the story and photo of a grinning McCarthy.


I'm always troubled by this sort of thing. My hometown library has an annual event tied into the summer reading program where kids throw wet sponges at the librarians.

The librarians stick their heads out through holes in a plywood sheet painted to make them look like clowns.

I would prefer that adults not "reward" children for some good act by demeaning themselves.

Postmodernity, of course, despises the idea of role models, respect for elders, etc. Instead of containing the often misplaced desires of children, we adults are expected to provide 24/7 wish fulfillment.

Bring on the Dav Pilkey!