Bookstore owner burns books in protest


GSO writes "Full story here. Wayne began burning his books in protest of what he sees as society's diminishing support for the printed word.

"This is the funeral pyre for thought in America today," Wayne told spectators outside his bookstore as he lit the first batch of books.

The fire blazed for about 50 minutes before the Kansas City Fire Department put it out because Wayne didn't have a permit for burning.

Wayne said next time he will get a permit. He said he envisions monthly bonfires until his supply -- estimated at 20,000 books -- is exhausted.


I find this kind of response to be a piece of idiocy!

He couldn't find any place to donate these books? Something tells me he wasn't trying very hard! There are so many organizations out there begging for book donations - especially bestsellers and rare titles!The funeral pyre for thought in America indeed!