Stony Brook Library posts personal info by mistake

An Anonymous Patron writes "Just got back from vacation and found a letter in my mailbox. Apparently I am one of the amost 90,000 people whose information was posted. I graduated in 2003 and have no idea why or how I ended up in this list.

Here's The story"


My loving mother FSU did the same thing to me, well technically it was their alumni association and my credit card number and personal info, but still they are incompetent bastar...well you get the idea.

I do feel sorry for the students that call up and want more money for the alumni association as they have to listen to me rant about who incompetent the association is before I tell them I'd rather flush my money than give it to those idiots.

I use some credit monitoring service that I get for a few bucks a month from American Express. So far no problems, but I've used a service like that for years and nipped a few in the bud.