2.0 Business Librarian Advertisement @ FGCU


iblee writes "We're looking for a — 2.0 — Business librarian and thought we'd try something different. Take a look at our advertising approach.

It made it onto tametheweb.com.
http://tametheweb.com/2007/05/20_business_libraria n_florida.html"


I searched the FGCU jobs site and can't find this position. It must be an old advert.

I looked at the advert on flicker (in the large size my old eyes can't see that little type anymore) and I can do all of that. I use all those technologies (heck my VOIP home phone # is an Irish #)

However since the other advertised jobs such as an Assistant Psychology Professor with a PhD get between 45-58K, I doubt they will hire me because I'd ask for at least 70K, well probably more like 80K because that is too far to drive every day so I'd have to move.

This is like a lot of other librarian ads I see, two dozen skills and they want to pay less than the UPS guy gets.

Snazzy add, catchy (albeit meaningless) terminology, but no salary that reflects the real qualifications. I work with at least a dozen people with MLS degrees who would not take a pay cut for that job.

Librarians stop undervaluing your skills (OK the ones you learned in library school are not worth too much) but if you don't have current skills, and you want to be markatable get them.