MySpace incident at the library brings local resident to frustration

Here's A Guest Opinion column by C.J. McNulty in the Lake Oswego Review. He wrote this one at one of the Internet computer terminals at the Lake Oswego Public Library.

"As I was conducting research online, two pre-teen girls sat down at computers across the table from me. They proceeded to get online, log onto their precious MySpace pages and broadcast out loud every single word that was on the screen in front of them. After hearing about whose boobs were bigger or what boy was cuter in photo after photo I asked the two young ladies if they could cut the chatter or take it outside..."

"Furthermore, the library staff never seems to lift a finger to put an end to the constant chatter and cell phone use unless you get up from what you are doing and go ask them to do something. Most of the time they are sitting only a few feet away, but will rarely put an end to loud or disruptive behavior on their own. I was not aware that our library had become a daycare center, after school social club, computer game arcade and cell phone test facility. The last time I checked, our library was still, at least in part, a library... and livestock auction."


This will be the same yahoo writing a column 6 months from now about how the library staff can't ever help him with anything because they're on constant teenybopper and cell phone patrol duty.

I kicked one kid out about once a week. He finally figured it out after about 2 months that if he was not louder than the average 13 year old I wouldn't notice him.

I didn't expect church mice (whatever they are), just a modicum of quiet. We had a lot of geezers and they like their quiet, and so do I.