It's That Time Again...TV Turn-Off Week


Here's one website, and here's another.

Is your library observing/celebrating the week? Is TV still the time-crushing technology that it was before the internet entered our lives? Anyone care to propose a computer turnoff week?


People ask why I don't watch much television, and I tell them that my t.v. isn't working right. They ask what's wrong with it. I shrug, say, "I don't know. I turn the brightness up all the way and it's still stupid."

Some of them get it.
--Carl Thames, 14 Apr 2007

I don't think TV is as bad of time sapper as it was before the Internet. I think the Internet has replaced TV as the biggest time sapper though.

My current television set is unplugged and under a sheet in the closet. I pull it out for national disasters and political elections.

The interesting thing about doing this is that you only catch a glimpse of people on tv every four years. For some, the change is not so complimentary.