Council puts brake on librarian's pay

The Waterbury Republican American - Waterbury,CT - has an Interesting Report on what The Town Council is thinking about librarian pay. They voted Monday against increasing the pay of the new Prospect librarian to $49,008 a year. The previous librarian had 15 years' experience with the town library and left at a salary of $47,123.

"Why would we give someone new to the town more money?" asked council member Patricia S. Geary. "I see it as an act of disrespect to our former librarian."


Shorter Waterbury Town Council:No, I don't understand how inflation and the cost of living work. Ooooh! Something shiny!

Little Connecticut has 169 towns. The concept of a regional authority that has clout in management of groups of these libraries would destroy local control and cannot be tolerated. Thus a town as small as Prospect Connecticut can only expect to attract a library head who is a jack of all modern library trades but a master of none.

Um, like to attract new people??!!! Or do you just want the same old same old?

you should have paid the last librarian more.

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