CBS News fires producer for library essay plagiarism


CBS News fires producer for plagiarism: "We were horrified," CBS News spokeswoman Sandra Genelius said. "It was almost verbatim." A CBS News producer was fired and the network apologized after a Katie Couric video essay on libraries was found to be plagiarized from The Wall Street Journal.
An editor for The Wall Street Journal called CBS News to point out the similarities of the April 4 notebook item to Zaslow's article, headlined "Of the Places You'll Go, Is the Library Still One of Them?" The pieces talk about how libraries are seen differently by children from their parents.

Update: 04/12 00:44 GMT by B :The Raw Story informs us that the plagiarized April 4 post is still up on the CBS News website...lots o' links too and sources for cached versions of the YouTube clip. But, as Newsweek reports, ""Couric apparently faces no repercussions, because she doesn't actually write 'Katie Couric's Notebook';though many of the entries are presented in the form of first-person essays, as was the controversial piece. Addressing her audience, Couric began: 'Hi everyone, I still remember when I got my first library card.'"