LISNews Meetup @ ALA in DC!


Update: 05/17 14:16 GMT by B :The best dates seem to be either Saturday (23rd) or Monday (25th). OCLC is doing the blogger thing on Sunday, so either we need to make the LISNews party later in the evening (10pm-ish), or stick with Saturday or Monday.
I'm also having no luck with a location. I could use some suggestions still.
Update: 04/02 16:19 GMT by B :I'm shocked at the number of responses so far! I think it's safe to say there will defiantly be an LISNews event at ALA. Unfortunately almost everyone who has responded so far was short on ideas, so while there seems to be considerable interest, I still don't know when or where we'll be meeting.

Let's try to pick a day first? To help us pick a date/time maybe we can use the ALA Wiki, specifically the Parties/Receptions page and the Unofficial Events page.
In picking a day, what events do we need to avoid?

If all goes well I'll be at the big ALA conference in DC in June and that means a LISNews party!

I could use thoughts and ideas on the best way to plan this, specifically I need help choosing the date/time and a good location. Even if you're not going but have any ideas I'd love to hear them. Any thoughts you might have can go in the comments below, hit this form, or drop an email to Blake at LISNews, but the .com domain not the .org domain. Hopefully we can put together something fun!Here's A few good suggestions I got via email:
    Look into getting a room/suite/something at a Hotel. I'm working on that, it could be too expensive, I have no idea what something like that will cost.
    See if we can get a vendor to let us use some of their space. We'd need someone with a friend for that maybe?
    What about something outside? I don't know DC well enough to know if that's an option.
    Find someone who will let us use a room at a library!
    Call Laura Bush :-)
    You might want to avoid the main conference areas.
    Go with a big chain restaurant, they are most likely to have the room and will be less expensive than many localy owned DC joints.


So I can fall off it? Okay, I haven't been a teetotaler exactly, but I'm no Steven Cohen. I think there's a new crop of library lushes out there who put me to shame. I've seen falling-down drunk at recent conferences...I don't think I get much past leaning, or wobbly at the worst. (How can we get 'Reeno to come down--even if just for a shindig?) I'm trying this thing called moderation and have met with moderate success. I'll try to not disappoint too much, though. If you buy me a tequila, I will do my best to honor your generosity. Got no ideas about venue. I will just be there, regardless of when or what is on my calendar.

Embassy row and GBLT area what more could anyone want?!

Ah, I forgot about Chinatown somehow. I'm afraid any place near the convention center will be crawling with librarians and we'll never be able to get it.

Thanks, hopefully we can find something quiet, and then make it loud!

A hotel room, backyard deck, something like that would be nice and more relaxed. I volunteer to bring a six or twelve pack or something. Assuming I can attend the event; but I really doubt I'll have any conflicts.

I'd volunteer my room - I'm be by myself - but my hotel is in Crystal City, VA.

They've been revutalizing the area aorund the Convention Center so there are restaurants there. Also, Chinatown is just a few blocks away.

>>Maybe we can just get a keg and meet up on our deck.30 drunk librarians on your deck, sure you want to volunteer for that??

OK, I think it's going to come down to lots of other things every night, so I guess we'll have to figure out what's going to be best. Maybe the LISNews party can be "after hours" when every is normally free?

Drat, I got lucky and I'll be in Dupont Circle area.

>>I've got a friend in DC perhaps we could stay at his houseThere's a joke there about he never uses the library so we can use that room...>>Truthfully there is a place by Dupont Circle thatI'll be in Dupont Circle too, at the Hilton, so that's 2 votes for that area I guess.

I've got a friend in DC perhaps we could stay at his house. It has plenty of extra rooms. It is close to the attractions. It is near the corner of Pennsylvania & 16th St.

Truthfully there is a place by Dupont Circle that I stay when in DC so I'll probably go there. There are a number of places nearby where we could meet, and it is not so close to the convention center that it will be too crowded with librarians here is a link to the places nearby. Krispy Kreme is probably out, but Cloud (trendy) or Firefly ( is a cozy little place)

I looked at the DC Library's website but they don't have anything about ALA meeting in DC, nor do they have an ask a librarian service.

The nice part about DC is the cabs are cheap and the metro is easy to use.

I'll have to give some thought to a good place to meet up. We'll probably be in town during ALA, although it's possible we won't. Places too close to downtown are probably going to be crowded. RFD (Regional Food and Drink) and District Chophouse are downtown. The Brickskeller near Dupont Circle is great, but probably not great for big groups. Heck, we live a mile or so from the Silver Spring Metro stop. Maybe we can just get a keg and meet up on our deck.

I'd definitely be interested in coming, Blake, but I don't have any suggestions to offer about venue. In terms of timing, I'd recommend Sunday evening, maybe, since a lot of people are already committed on Fridays and Saturdays. / Daniel (a.k.a. Eosuchian)

I will totally be there, even though I only get to the leaning stage myself. I think I'm scheduled to be there from Thursday through Wednesday. The NMRT Social tends to happen on Saturday or Sunday, and since that's open to everyone, I vote we avoid those nights.

I would go to DC for a meetup.

Put it on the Virginia side. I was too late to get a room in D.C.

heh. All I care about is there's a Chipotle near by.