Educators Have Sold Out to Pizza Hut, Says Expert


From the AP, "You've read the book, now eat the pizza."

Book It, an incentive program used in 50,000 schools nationwise, reaching 22 million children a year, "epitomizes everything that's wrong with corporate-sponsored programs in school," said Susan Linn, a Harvard psychologist and co-founder of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood.

Participating teachers set a monthly reading goal for each student; those who meet the goal get a certificate they can redeem at Pizza Hut for a free Personal Pan Pizza. Families often accompany the winners, turning the event into a celebration that can boost business for the restaurant.


When I was in 4th grade we could earn points and after a certain goal we could choose a prize like a fuzzy pencil or scratch-n-sniff sticker or a box of Cracker Jacks!

I am pretty sure that you were a victim of the sticker lobby. I assume that you still have to be given stickers whenever we need you to read a book.

Maybe I'm the prime example of "who cares" as this was the same program my school was using when I was in 3rd and 4th grade. My view is anything that encourages kids to read isn't as negative as it could be. Heck, we give away prizes for reading programs, so are libraries any better or worse than Pizza Hut?

Why couldn't it be pizza that doesn't taste like dog food?

So... what's wrong with this again and why is anyone surprised? I loved that program when I was a kid. Did Pizza Hut make money off it? Sure. So?


Why the heck is it that these days the word Psychology and Harvard together in the same sentence pretty much means a good chance you are about to read moronic comments disgracing the letters PH'D?

My 5 kids and I LOVED the pizza hut program when we did it for three years. We had a BLAST eating a P. Hut and the goal gave my younger boys a real boost in motivation for reading.

What a crock for these Harvard profs to go dissing a great program like this. So it isn't for everyone. Few things are.

Hello, I am in a school where all or most of my students need a real boost, so how can I get our Pizza Hut to sponsor a similar program. Our kids have lost the zeal to learn and discover our world. Help! Anymore suggestions, feel free to help. First year librarian.

Here in the Land of Deep>, I can't imagine anyone in their right mind going to Pizza Hut.

Encouraging examples of bad pizza just isn't what we ought to be doing in education.

No, but I'd probably be more likely to buy a book if it came with stickers.

See, while my parents took me to Pizza Hut to redeem the prize, they would later walk us down the street to *the* best deep dish pizza in Chicago: Milano's on Western. Yes, I'm starting a turf war ;)

No war here! Sounds like a good recommendation! In my never-ending mission to discover deep-dish pizza places, I'll check it out.

Um, yeah, without even thinking, 773-445-4010, and I'm the least likely person in my family to call because I'm not that big a fan of tomato sauce in general. They're at S. 109th Place and Western and are carry-out or delivery only. I will miss their beef sandwiches now that I've moved out of state.

So you're the one buying the books with stickers for the library? :-)