Unshelved Hits 5!

Submitted by Blake on Wed, 02/21/2007 - 21:28

Jim Demonakos wrote in to let us know Unshelved, the popular daily comic
strip about a library, is celebrating its fifth anniversary. Created by librarian Gene Ambaum and cartoonist Bill Barnes, the strip went live on the Internet on February 16, 2002, and quickly gained a cult following among library workers. Unshelved's audience continued to grow as more and more people discovered the exploits of a sarcastic
public librarian named Dewey. Today over 35,000 readers enjoy the
strip every day at unshelved.com, via free email delivery, and by RSS

"Is it a comic that only librarians can appreciate? No." says writer
Gene Ambaum. "A library is basically a store -- everyone has been on
one side of the counter or the other. Fortunately for us there really
is such a thing as a stupid question."