Amnesty: Cuban harassment of libraries continues


Steve Marquardt writes "A Press release on the severe restrictions on freedom of expression and association affect thousands of people across Cuba.

In Cuba, all print and broadcast media are under state control. Also, access to the internet is severely limited outside governmental offices and educational institutions....

During 2006, there was a rise in the harassment and intimidation of independent journalists and librarians....

Prisoner of conscience, Julio Cesar Lopez Rodriguez, Vice President of the Frente Linea Dura and Director of an independent library, was arrested on 22 July 2005, whilst he tried to participate in a peaceful demonstration in front of the French Embassy. He has been campaigning for many years for political reform and the defence of human rights, and kept anti-totalitarian books in his library. He has been held without charge or trial...."


I checked with the ALA, those people are not librarians! Stop worrying about people who interfere with the orderly operation of the State. People who interfere must be dealt with in the strongest possible way so that others will not feel that dissent is tolerated.

Since they are criminals seize the property and destroy it and instruct them through temporary deprivation of liberty.

When will you people ever learn that if you simply let people do and say what they please that all hell will break loose. How will we control the people then? We need to keep these ideas out of their heads.