Bush Chooses the Library for His Speech


Well we all know who popped onto our screens during prime-time last night, but did you give any consideration to the location of the Prez's speech? It was in the White House Library.

From the AP, "As Bush spoke for 20 minutes from the unusual setting of the White House library, the sounds of protesters amassed outside the compound's gates occasionally filtered through." Various news analysts this morning said that they imagined the library setting (instead of the usual setting of the Oval Office) gave strength to the President's position that he had studied the situation with care and gave it more of a conversational tone.


And last night did NOT help any. WHEN does he chose to air his little "war update" (or whatever the hell it was)? At 9 pm est, during one of the FEW shoes I watch on a regular basis, Criminal Minds. We were supposed to have a NEW ep, first one since before xmas. Instead, the king of the morons has to go and give a speech, so CBS, as one of my friends put it, wet its pants and pulled the new ep and ran a re-run. We'd best get the new ep next week.

Why the hell couldn't he have held it an hour earlier, during which time CBS runs "Armed and Famous" which...well, the concept. From wikipedia: "The series follows five celebrities as they train to become reserve police officers for the Muncie, Indiana police department, followed by graduation. After that, the celebrities will go on patrol with the same training officers who traditionally ride with new officers.The series stars Erik Estrada, La Toya Jackson, Jack Osbourne, Trish Stratus and Jason Acuna (a.k.a. "Wee Man" on Jackass)." Like I want any of these people have legal access to firearms and I'm really glad I don't live in Muncie... But see, he could've given his address at 8 instead of 9, no great loss then!

And you know what? That library setting won't fool anyone with an ounce of intelligence. Which is about 3/4 more of an ounce than Bush has. *gah*

Yes, seeing a new ep of my fave show is more important. A girl has to have her priorities...;)

It is annoying that President Bush, who has closed more libraries than any other president, used one as a back drop to give himself credibility. Many libraries in scientific areas, such as the EPA, have closed, as have many post and recreational libraries for the military. In addition, the Republicans have reduced support for libraries and research centers all across the government.

        His wife, Laura, who was also a librarian, refuses to criticize the state and county Republicans who want to eliminate school librarian positions, close public libraries, or reduce public access to infomration. Her loyalties are strcitly with her party first, and her profession secondly. Waay secondly.

President Bush speaking from a library was like Mussolini speaking in front of a bullet ridden Italian monument or better yet, Jim Jones selling KoolAid on primetime. Bad taste? Not at all. This is what enough people in this country want, what they voted for, and what we now are all getting: An industrial puppet, representing the 'real' ruling class of this country, addressing a captive nation on the wave of years of very developed commerical communications. This is what we have come to. When we are angry and tired enough we may change it.