Final Harry Potter book may hurry bookstore openings

One From The Buffalo News: Three new bookstores are expected to open in and near Buffalo area malls sometime this year - including the Walden Galleria and McKinley Mall - and one insider hopes the pending, final Harry Potter book will prompt construction to go quickly.
"We're kind of trying to push for things because of Harry Potter," said Dawn Everett, community relations manager for the Amherst Barnes & Noble store. "It would be such a great thing to be able to be open."


And after sales for the final book in the series decline to normal levels, what are those bookstores going to do? Basing a business plan on one book in a series, and the last one at that, hardly sounds like a good foundation for sustainable business.

Oh, well -- those chain stores are probably big enough corporations they can subsidize outlets that are doing poorly.

If they advertise widely that they are going to have the last Harry Potter, I could see a lot of traffic to their store. People then know where it is, they have made that essential first trip and are more likely to use that store again. And, it will help pay off some of those bills that every start up has. I think it is a good idea.

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