Grant Opportunities for Rural Public Libraries

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January 2007

The Libri Foundation is currently accepting applications for its 2007

The Libri Foundation is a nationwide non-profit organization which
donates new, quality, hardcover children's books to small, rural public
libraries throughout the United States. Since October 1990, the
Foundation has donated over $3,000,000 worth of new children's books to
more than 2,300 libraries in 48 states, including Alaska and Hawaii. Application guidelines and forms may be downloaded from the Foundation's
website at: Libri Foundation.In order to encourage and reward local support of libraries, The LibriFoundation will match any amount of money raised by your local sponsorsfrom $50 to $350 on a 2-to-1 ratio. Thus, a library can receive up to$1,050 worth of new children's books. After a library receives a grant,local sponsors (such as formal or informal Friends groups, civic orsocial organizations, local businesses, etc.) have four months, orlonger if necessary, to raise their matching funds.
  The librarian of each participating library selects the books herlibrary will receive from a booklist provided by the Foundation. The700-plus fiction and nonfiction titles on the booklist reflect the verybest of children's literature published primarily in the last threeyears. These titles, which are for children ages 12 and under, areaward-winners or have received starred reviews in library, literary, oreducation journals. The booklist also includes a selection of classicchildren's titles.
  Libraries are qualified on an individual basis. In general, countylibraries should serve a population under 16,000 and town librariesshould serve a population under 10,000 (usually under 5,000). Librariesshould be in a rural area, have a limited operating budget, and anactive children's department.
  Please note: Rural is usually considered to be at least 30 miles from acity with a population over 40,000. Town libraries with total operatingbudgets over $150,000 and county libraries with total operating budgetsover $350,000 are rarely given grants.
  Applications are accepted from independent libraries as well aslibraries which are part of a county, regional, or cooperative librarysystem.
  A school library may apply only if it also serves as the public library(i.e. it is open to the everyone in the community, has some summerhours, and there is no public library in town).
  A branch library may apply if the community it is in meets thedefinition of rural. If the branch library receives its funding fromits parent institution, then the parent institution's total operatingbudget, not just the branch library's total operating budget, must meetthe budget guidelines.
  Previous BOOKS FOR CHILDREN grant recipients are eligible to apply foranother grant three years after the receipt of their last grant.Libraries that do not fulfill all grant requirements, including thefinal report, may not apply for another grant.
  Application deadlines for 2007 are: (postmarked by) January 15th, April15th, and August 15th. Grants are awarded January 31st, April 30th, andAugust 31st.
  Application guidelines and forms may be downloaded from the Foundation'swebsite at: Libri Foundation.
  For more information about The Libri Foundation or its Books forChildren program, please contact Ms. Barbara J. McKillip, President, TheLibri Foundation, PO Box 10246, Eugene, OR 97440. 541-747-9655(phone); 541-747-4348 (fax); (email).