Dissatisfied patron posts chat transcripts

Submitted by Blake on Thu, 12/07/2006 - 23:33

Daniel writes "Recently I learned of a blogger who posts her unhappy chat reference transcripts online. Most of these posts can be found in her LIS category. This serves as a good reminder that people in the age of blogging won't take what they consider bad service lying down. Librarianship is hardly the first profession to experience this phenomenon. Blogging about perceived bad customer service has been done about Land Rovers and computers. Was there bad service? Without viewing the entire transcript, I'm not in a position to judge. But clearly the patron felt wronged. So remember, be unfailingly polite in your chat reference sessions. Anything you say might be posted somewhere. And it probably wouldn't hurt to set up a Google Alert with the name of your library to see what bloggers are saying about your institution."
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Update: 12/08 02:17 GMT by B :Link no longer works, more info in comments.