LibrariansForFairness Front Group for Ad Agency

Update:11/26 - Daniel withdrew his assertion that LfF is a front group for the advertising firm Rothstein & Memsic Thanks to Walter for doing something that I concede I should have done before posting my original accusation. He e-mailed LfF about their status. He reproduces this reply in his journal:
Hi Walter: Rothstein & Memsic is the design company that was given the job of creating and registering our website. It also designed the LfF logo and submitted it to us for approval. Our dealings with that company were only about the LfF website and logo. Contrary to what a LISnews poster recently asserted, we are not a front group for any entity or company. We are simply an organization of librarians. The group of librarians who founded LfF did approach Stand With Us for sponsorship. Stand With Us agreed to do so and we are affiliated with it. A growing number of our librarian-members have the access code for the posting of articles on the website, which they continue to do. Librarian-members also pick the list of links from our website to others. The LfF librarians who do not have our website access code can and do recommend items to be added. Sincerely yours,Andy for LfF - - [email protected]
I concede here while I could logically say that there was some sort of relationship between LfF, StandWithUs and R&M, there was no hard evidence allowing me to logically conclude that therefore LfF was simply a tool of R&M and/or StandWithUs. Andy's note gives a believable relationship among the parties that I, Daniel, do not intend to contest further. So I apologize to LISNews readers for asserting something before I could prove it one way or another. I still stand by the suggestions I made for the group.

Librarians For Fairness is a PR front.

While the phrase Librarians for Fairness conjures up librarians running out to right the wrongs of biases, in reality the group (or at least it's domain) is a front for the PR group Rothstein & Memsic.

How do we know this? By analyzing whois registrations. First we look up the whois record for and find:

Domain ID:D104508833-LROR Domain Name:LIBRARIANSFORFAIRNESS.ORG Created On:08-Jun-2004 17:12:27 UTC Last Updated On:24-Mar-2006 23:27:15 UTC Expiration Date:08-Jun-2009 17:12:27 UTC Sponsoring Registrar:Go Daddy Software, Inc. (R91-LROR) Status:CLIENT DELETE PROHIBITED Status:CLIENT RENEW PROHIBITED Status:CLIENT TRANSFER PROHIBITED Status:CLIENT UPDATE PROHIBITED Registrant ID:GODA-06880655 Registrant Name:Roz Rothstein Registrant Organization:StandWithUs Registrant Street1:332 N. La Brea Ave. Registrant Street2: Registrant Street3: Registrant City:Los Angeles Registrant State/Province:California Registrant Postal Code:90036

Standwithus, according to its web site, is "A pro Israel advocacy organization advocates for a secure future for Israel", and it lists librariansforfairness as one of its sub sites. A quick Google search shows that Roz Rothstein is StandWithUs' National Director and a frequent contributer to Front Page Magazine. Couldn't find whether she had a library degree.

The whois registration for provides this info:

Registrant: Rothstein & Memsic Registered through:, Inc. ( Domain Name: STANDWITHUS.COM Domain servers in listed order: NS1.WEBCONTROLCENTER.COM NS2.WEBCONTROLCENTER.COM

This Rothstein & Memsic appears to be a PR Firm and I didn't see any other likely contenders. If you find any, please leave a comment.

I don't know about you, but I dislike astroturf groups. Whoever R&M's client is should just come forward and deal with librarians directly instead of pretending to be colleagues.

Update: 11/21 14:13 GMT by B :For those of you who missed it, this one might not make much sense... This is an update to This Post I made on Sunday.

Update:11/26 - Daniel withdrew his assertion that LfF is a front group for the advertising firm Rothstein & Memsic


Read DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING'S ANSWER TO AN ANTI-ZIONIST. Anti-Semite is exactly what he called the anti-Zionist...and deservedly so!

So, the defenders of Israel are exposed as a cabal of secretive string-pullers lurking behind the scenes whose only interest is the money they will get from their "client." The only thing missing from Daniel's account is a lurid graphic of some swarthy people with bulging coinpurses, grasping hands and hooked noses.

Congratulations, LISNews!

In a choice between a poster that decides to hide behind "anonymous" and Daniel, I have to go with Mr. Cornwall. Do tell, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous, why have you failed to answer his questions; and instead choose to trot out the tired cliche of Conspiracy? Answer his questions and perhaps we may have a dialog.

Questioning a government does not mean one is opposed to a government. You wield the blunt club of "Anti-Israeli" accusations far too easily.
If these Librarians are so proud of their work, let them come forth in this thread and introduce themselves. Better yet, why don't you introduce yourself?

I didn't realize this was Kelly's week to issue condemnations. I totally thought it was Fang-Face's week. Geeze, you take *one* sick day and the *entire* calendar of condemnation gets thrown out of wack. I don't have a condemnation, but I do have a message from a higher power:

Dear Puny Humans,

Stop fighting immediately.

War makes your meat tough and stringy. I demand soft supple food upon my forthcoming return.

Hugs and Kisses,

Yog-Sothoth[The One True God(tm)]

People or trolls who cannot argue the issues resort to insult. Those who cannot even insult properly are the stupidist of the trolls.

No, not a sick day; just typical pre-holiday slow days at work. Next time I will try to keep on top of the schedule so it won't get wacked out and especially to avoid upsetting you and your ah, er, god, ok?

Librarians for Fairness IS a real group!

"The only thing missing from Daniel's account is a lurid graphic of some swarthy people with bulging coinpurses, grasping hands and hooked noses."

You're almost there, right at the edge, what's holding you back? Oh heck, why not, go for it, entertain us, complete your part - like a REAL man or woman - of the well established verbal sequence when somebody criticizes Israel: *call them an anti-semite.* Say it out loud, none of this wimpy descriptive stuff, rather hurl inflammatory labels as if they were four letter words! It undermines reasoned argument and the offering of valid points very nicely, don't you think?

Or maybe you refrain because somebody at the PR agency which registered the domain for LFF has decreed that using the "A" word these days is losing its punch, since it has been so grossly overused in recent years against the many more critics of Israel's stepped-up aggressions.

But consider in this connection the profound and relevant question posed by, I think, the great Asian thinker Lao Tsu, "Can a fake organization that dupes real people into joining it claim it is real?" I think this is sort of akin to the question about whether a tree falling in a forest doesn't make a sound if no one is around to hear it fall, or something like that.

I didn't realize this was Kelly's week to issue condemnations. I totally thought it was Fang-Face's week.

Hey, even I can play nice and let others take their turn at telling hard truths.

Kelly, the agency you refer to is a graphic arts company that designed the LfF website. It also designed the logo of Librarians for Fairness, just as it was commissioned to do by the librarians who started LfF.

If you are going to troll, at least get your troll right the first time. There is nothing sadder than a corrected reposted insult.

You fail at teh Internets

Kelly, it's just wishful thinking on your part! A noisy neighbor is there, even if you wish it never moved into your neighborhood in the first place. Deal with it...Librarians for Fairness is a real organization of that happened to have a graphic arts firm design & register its website. The firm worked for the LfF never was the other way around.

The only one I see in the shadows here is you, Anonymous poster. Daniel asked you several questions, you avoided answering them only to hurl insults and make hints of anti-Semitism among anyone who doesn't hop up and drink your Kool-Aid. It's a move straight out of Internet Tough Guy Magazine(tm) and brings this threat dangerously close to Godwin territory.

Several times in threads an Anon has talked about an "art firm" that put together LfF web site together. I assume the poster is referring to Rothstein &> because R&M owns the domain name of StandWithUs, which in turn owns the domain name of LfF.

Here is what R&M has to say for itself on its career> (bolding mine):

Rothstein & Memsic is an advertising, design, and corporate communications firm with over 27 years' experience. We are looking for ambitious and talented people to work in traditional and new media design. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, it is the company's policy to provide employment, training, compensation, promotion, and other opportunities based on qualifications, without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, veteran status or disability, and in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws.

Rothstein & Memsic is fast becoming the hottest new media and advertising firm in Southern California. We are growing very quickly and would like to take talented and ambitious people on our ride to the top.

I certainly accept that a group calling itself "Librarians for Fairness" has been around for a few years - the domain registration record clearly indicates creation on 08-Jun-2004. But the lack of identification with it's parent web site StandWithUs, plus it's parent registration to R&M, a self-described corporation communications and advertising firm, made me think that it might be an> group. The lack of any librarians, officers or any other staff identifiable at LfF seemed like another clue that this organization is run as part of a corporate communications contract for someone else. I don't buy that everyone in LfF is frightened of losing their position should their public support for Israel. In my professional life I've worked in more than a half dozen libraries in four states and I've never heard anything but support for Israel. If there is a systematic anti-Israeli bias, then LfF should be documenting it.

My one correction is that LfF does link to StandWithUs on their recommended links>. BUT there is no indication on that page or any other that LfF is actually registered to StandWithUs. It seems only intellectually honest to me to make the connection from LfF to StandWithUs as explicit as the one from StandWithUs to LtF which makes it clear that LfF is a StandWithUs operation. After all, StandWithUs does own the registration of the LfF domain name.

Anon, think about this before you respond to this posting. What if a group called JournalistsForFairness popped up and its purpose was to "tell the truth about atrocities in Palestine." Supposed you looked around the entire site and could not find the name of a single reporter, but only articles from al-Jazeera about Western actions against Muslims.

What if you looked their domain name and found it registered to StandWithPalestine? Then you dug a little deeper and found StandWithPalestine's domain name registered was registered to Qorvis Communications, which Fox News links to Saudi>.

Wouldn't that make you wonder just a little whether the organization was actually run by journalists? And what if every time you asked for a reporter to identify themselves or about JournalistsForFairness connection to Qorvis Communications, you were denounced as a demonic Zionist for even asking? What would you think of the organization then?

You can buy or not buy whatever the hell you want, doesn't change the fact that Librarians for Fairness is an organization for librarians (and archivists)and that it exists and has grown. Some members may come forward...I can't speak for others. But there are a whole lot of librarians who are well aware of the ruthlessness of some of those who oppose us! And wishing LfF away won't make it disappear! Astro-turf...that's a good one :-) :-) Gee, the next thing that someone will conjure up is that we come from Mars! One thing is for sure, I doubt that anyone will accuse us of being the SRRT in disguise :- :-)

But there are a whole lot of librarians who are well aware of the ruthlessness of some of those who oppose us!

Can you name even one librarian who has lost their job by being pro Israel? Just one and perhaps a citation to the story where he/she lost her job and his/her claim it was over support for Israel? What sorts of ruthlessness are you afraid of?

I don't know how much influence you have in your organization, but I think you and the other anon folks at LfF need to think long and hard about what your mission is.

If it is to bring balance to collections and programs, you're going to need the active cooperation of many people in the profession. Many of them outside your formal organization but who might be willing to listen. I've got some advice for that>.

If on the other hand, your organization exists either for the fundraising efforts of R&M's client (i.e. gives us money to fight the ruthless fascist librarians) then I think you're already on the right track. Continuing to demonize your fellow librarians (assuming you are one yourself) is also an excellent strategy to limit your influence while appearing to be working for your cause.

Hey Curmud, you forgot to mention the Secret Poster didn't answer my questions either, e.g., the criteria they use to determine when a library or its contents is not "fair" to Israel. Doncha think a real organization would have such things?

And BTW Anon, let's say real librarians did actually establish your group. Does not prove it has any substance. E.g., look at the many instances where companies which pollute establish non-profit groups that sound pro-environment but really work against the environment and grab dupes for members who don't know any better.

With secret members and no published criteria for how your group does its judgmental work, so to speak, it is hard to believe this is nothing more than a deeply biased, super-chauvinistic pro-Zionist astroturf group extremely hostile to any criticism of Israel, no matter how well-founded and politely expressed, and that has no intention of being "fair" to any side of the issues except that of the Likud-fanatic Israeli government.


What is the correct title for the piece and in which of his writings can we find it? His writings, not some third-rate, hack web journal where it is probably quoted out of context. I certain don't trust your assessment of his utterance, and I would even go so far as to say, off hand, that you've misrepresented what he said.

Librarians for Fairness IS a real group!

Of course it is a real group; just as the indy librarians of Cuba are real librarians. For that matter, is there anyone here who can define, exactly, just what an ureal group or an unreal librarian is? I'd really like to know for the sake of clear communications.

As for Librarians for Fairness, the question is not whether the group is real or mythical, the question is: what does it stand for and what is its agendum?

On a well documented> showing that something called "Letter to an Anti-Zionist Friend" is a post 1999 forgery, King did make this quote: "When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You are talking anti-Semitism." The quote came from a 1968 appearance at Harvard.

I hope that even our anon friend can accept the full letter is a forgery considering that the group that exposed this fact was the "Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America is a media-monitoring, research and membership organization devoted to promoting accurate and balanced coverage of Israel and the Middle East." Some of their other coverage includes video highlighting Hezbollah propaganda. Clearly these folks are not wild-eyed anti-Semites.

A reprint of the full hoax letter, which made it into a Congressional hearing is available at the bottom of the page I link to.

Likud is not the ruling party of the Israeli government at this time, it's Kadima. And sure Kelly, you don't really hate Israelis or's just the Israeli government and those pesky Zionists that you hate!!! Kelly, if you want to see a real fanatic, just look in the mirror.

Hey, wait a sec.... Isn't ALA a front group for the Democratic party? And isn't the Democratic party a front group for the Religion of Peace? And isn't the Religion of Peace a front group for...! Oh, Intelligencia of Saruman: You have become witting and unwitting soldiers in the service of the Dark Lord of Mordor. You need only read your Tolkein to know your doooooom!

It is absolutely true that Librarians for Fairness has an affiliation with Stand With Us (the librarians who founded LfF felt they needed the help of a pre-existing organization), something both organizations are quite open about on their linked websites. However, LfF is not at all a front group for a public relations firm. An ever-increasing number of professional librarians and archivists have been joining it.

OK have convinced they will be promoting the upside and the downside...would that be correct

Of course librarians are joining it -- after all it has librarians in the the title so it's got to be good and can't be a front if librarians are in the title and librarians are joining it.

(circular logic)

Looks like another Zionist-Likkud pseudo-front group to me, this time trying to ensare librarians into stocking their libraries with more Zionist propaganda, as if there isn't plenty of it, from what I have seen, in many of them already. When they say, "We work to ensure that Israel's viewpoint is represented fairly in our libraries," one wonders what books are there now that show Israel and it's dreadful policies against the Palestinians in a bad enough light and unfairly so to require the services of such an organization.

Librarians for Fairness does have points of view...ones that are not given a fair forum in the profession, and that definitely includes the acquisitions aspect of librarianship. At the time they organized LfF, the fourteen original librarian-members had many debates with each other over its direction. They still do. But currently, counting a number of archivists who have joined, the membership of Librarians for Fairness has grown to over two hundred library and information science professionals (there are no dues & that fact has encouraged the organization's growth). I don't know if it is the majority, at this point, but many LfF librarians are members of the American Library Association...a bit surprising, since LfF is very critical of the ALA.

"Librarians for Fairness does have points of view...ones that are not given a fair forum in the profession, and that definitely includes the acquisitions aspect of librarianship."

Indeed, *especially* acquisiitions, and their strategy behind this is to lobby acquisitions librarians, as I said, "into stocking their libraries with more Zionist propaganda, as if there isn't plenty of it, from what I have seen, in many of them already." Why does the world need another library organization and another pro-Zionist organization? Can't the existing ones handle their burning issues well enough? There are not enough books in libraries to justify and rationalize the horrific human rights policies and record of the Israelfascist Likudnik government?

Kelly, actually, LfF doesn't hide that at gives away free books and films about Israel to libraries. And Kelly, not all librarians share your anti-Israel opinions. But it is precisely because LfF receives a lot of emails from people who hate Israel, and I can assure you many of those emails are overtly anti-Jewish, that most of those in the profession who have joined Librarians for Fairness (among them numerous non-Jewish librarians) want to maintain their anonymity... and that is respected. As such, LfF does not readily give interviews. However, the organization is, indeed, librarian-run. Ms. Rothstein is the executive director of the affiliated pro-Israeli group, Stand With Us. Stand With Us is neither a PR firm nor an advertising agency as a poster erroneously thought. Go to its website & see for yourself & you'll also see a link to Librarians for Fairness. That link is not at all something LfF keeps a secret.

You have some good points, and for the record, I'm not anti-Jewish nor anti-Israeli people, though I am anti-Israeli government, which is not the same as being against Israelis, and it is a misconception that folks from your quarter seem to make all the time.

But your reply does not address the most fascinating issue here - the specifics on why this group claims there is a problem with what library collections contain regarding Israel. I'd like to see some data on that, or pointers to it. If there isn't any, then, with all due respect to you, I remain convinced it is nothing more than a branch of the Mossad propaganda wing of the Likud government.

1) If StandWithUs isn't a front for a PR group, why does its DNS registration indicate that Rothstein & Memsic owns the domain. What is the relationship between Rothstein & Memsic and StandWithUs? Why is PR Firm R&M handling domain issues for StandWithUS? I did my domain searches on and

2) You or another anon say that LfF has a link on their website to StandWithUs, just like StandWithUs has a link to LfF. Where on the> web site can I find this link? It's not obvious from the front page.

3) How do you know that hundreds of librarians and archivists have joined this group? There didn't seem to be ANY section on the LfF website listing librarians, archivists, libraries or any other indication of who might be running the web site. I am in full support of Israel's existence and I'm not afraid to be named.

4) If you have any pull with LfF organization, I'd like to suggest that instead of featuring articles that accuse of liberals of being>, your organization focuses on libraries and librarians who have done a good job of fairly representing Israel through their events and collections.

Wow...there are so many nonsensical conspiracy theories that you & several others have conjured up about LfF, Daniel! LfF has been around for a few years now, and it's been growing. Why shouldn't it be? It doesn't cost a dime to join! It really is made up of a couple of hundred librarians (well, a very few are still working on their degrees in library and informaton science...although as in many organizations, a lot of members are not especially active). Mossad? Likud? A front for a pr firm or an ad agency? Nope!!!! However, a professional art company was indeed initially commissioned to design & do the graphics for the LfF website. LfF is just a bunch of librarians, a lot of whom are afraid of being harassed by those who strongly disagree with them...and sadly, even the more active members seem constantly to be arguing with each other.

That was my sense of it when I went to the web site.

Fairness involves..... here is the up side and here is the downside...their website seemed to be about promoiting the upside only...

and what are the first 2 letters of promote?



Just because the funding and backing from from standwithus, is there any evidence that LFF isn't, in fact, librarians from that group? Plenty of organizations have special interest splinter groups.

No one has has yet answered the question about what problem LFF is purporting to solve. They claim on their site, "We work to ensure that Israel's viewpoint is represented fairly in our libraries." What does this mean? What is "Israel's viewpoint," I mean, how do they arive at Israel's offical viewpoint? Do they take polls? Has the Israeli government issued a view on the contents of American public libraries regarding Israel? Does the government of Israel condone the "viewpoint" they claim to represent, and if so, where can this be documented?

Also, how does LFF ascertain that Israel's viewpoint is NOT fairly represented in American public libraries? What is their criteria for determining when this viewpoint is not being met, have they done studies? (I see nothing on their site sharing this.) Have they surveyed public libraries to insure they meet their criteria of fairness?

When I went to their archived articles page, I looked closely at all the articles listed for November and October. Here's a list of all the major themes of each that I could find:

- free speech at Columbia University
- Fascism
- hatred of Jews
- various authors
- book censorship by government
- Castro's repression of independent libraries
- the teaching of Islam in public schools
- a book about the Arab role in the Holocaust,
- terrorist killings of 3 Americans by Palestinian terrorists
- anti-Semitic books at a book fair
- withdrawal by a publisher of a book about Islamic fundamentalism

None of these articles made any direct reference to what practices in public libraries, at least those pertaining to collections, misrepresent Israel or its "viewpoint," whatever that is. (The inclusion of articles on Castro's repression of independent libraries is a particularly clear example of a theme completely unrelated to American libraries and Israel, but note it does have, like articles mentioning fascism, free speech, the Holocaust and terrorists, etc., a lot of dramatic and highly-charged emotional resonance, an important quality in effective propaganda.) A quick glance at the rest of the articles gives very little indication again, that they are about public library collections regarding Israel.

Besides having little to do with public libraries and Israel, the articles are of poor quality, very second-rate. They lack scholarly thoroughness and deep analysis, objectivity and even-handedness. Their style in most instances is that of a shrill slightly intellectual editorial with a kind of breathless morally-superior, super-partisan newspaper tabloid air about it, and stated - though one could so easily imagine it shouted - from the contorted perspective of a biased, angry pro-Israel chauvinist who always carefully neglects to share both sides of a contested issue or distorts the side of it they don't like.

It is unbelieveable to me that educated librarians, who usually have graduate degrees, and multiple ones at that, would become members of an organization which shares articles that not only have little to do with their stated objectives but are mostly transparent propaganda pieces whose real purpose is to exalt and glorify Israel while smeering and attacking anybody or any group who finds fault with Israel.

No wonder so many of LFF's members hide their membership in it; they must be embarassed to be part of it, due to the flaws mentioned above, and that the world would know about their being in such a dubious organization. But joining up is free; you get what you pay for, I guess. However, one could only conclude that most of the people who are members of this group (whether funded by the Mossad, or a PR firm, or whatever) are not librarians concerned about the representation of Israel in libraries, they are instead deeply biased, pro-Israel partisans and Israel-firsters who happen to be librarians, and they use their connection to the field to manipulate whatever prestige the profession of "librarianship" still has left, which is not much when such groups can get away with it, to further goals that have little or nothing to do with libraries. This group is just another avenue, like so many others, for the Likud Israel government to continue the never-ending and very varied task of deeply influencing American public opinion to be favorable towards Israel. This is a required never-ending effort due to the fact that Israel, a country about the size of New Jersey, needs to keep that opinion very high in order to continue receiving 3 billion a year of foriegn aid funded by American tax payers.

Kelly, I've yet to see any condemnation by you of Palestinian terrorist attacks against innocent Israeli men, women and children. True, this is a tragic war that has been going on for a long time & innocent people have been killed on both sides. But Palestinian terrorists DELIBERATELY target innocent civilians and the Palestinians rejoice when even they murder Israeli babies.

But Palestinian terrorists DELIBERATELY target innocent civilians and the Palestinians rejoice when even they murder Israeli babies.

The state of Israel also deliberately targest civilians, including babies. Whether or not the extremist reactionaries within Israel rejoice, I couldn't say. I have seen no documentary evidence that they do. Dare I ask if you can provide documentary evidence to support your statement?

Oh -- there is a difference between Palestinian terrorism and Israeli terrorism; the Palestinian militants are not soldiers of any state government, hence, they are terrorists; Israeli soldiers are soldiers, and their munitions are supplied by the U.S. by way of the government of Israel, but while they perpetrate the same crimes against humanity as the Palestinian terrorists, they don't get held liable for it.

Fang Face...your terrorist-loving fangs are showing!

Now, there's a typical right-wing, justice-hating smear. How silly of me not to realize that of course it's terrorism to hold all murderers up to same standard.

I can see why wouldn't want to do that, though; after all, it would mean hanging Bush the Baby Killer right next to the monster the U.S. sold chemical weapons to so he gas "his own people".

Can't really add much to what Fang says, which is so true and well put.

But I always marvel at this seeming "test" question/accusation, whereby it is indicated you have no credibility unless you condemn the Palestinians for their terrorist crimes. But the thing is, even if one did, it makes no difference. People like this Anon simply slink away to later come come with another bogus tactic for totally denying everything you say; there is no sincere effort to dialog or deal with the truth.

And why is it no one ever asks the Israel Firsters why they don't condemn the gratuitous violence and abuse and bullying and murderousness of the hugely more powerful and immensely well-equipped (by way of the US taxpayer) IDF - compared to the Palestinian militants - as a "test" question to determine *their* reliability? No need to, of course, as the Firsters pre-empt this with their perpetual stock assertion - which covers almost all of their crimes - of: "It was only in self-defense." This is a lie most of the time.

Oh, I forgot. In cases when even the dumbest of the dumb cannot be fooled into thinking the IDF committed some atrocity under the bogus cover claim of self-defense, the next line the Firsters hurl at you is: "It was a mistake." Again, it's another lie, in most cases.

Kelly, have you thought about undergoing psychotherapy for your probems?

Kelly, That should have said: Have you thought about undergoing psychotherapy for your problems? (not probems) Kiddo, you've really got some!