Wiki Wednesday: Contribute To the LISWiki!


Today's a good day to do some work over at Have a look at

What's Been Added, or maybe start with The Index, add onto a Stub, or browse the LISWiki Categories.

The LISWiki:Community Portal has some good Article Ideas: Stumped on what to write about? See if you can fill out the Categories some more, develop the shorter entries (some are blank) and stubs, or help fill the needed entries (titles linked to twice or more), or just browse the Recent Changes or help finish up the categorization scheme, it could use some ontological overhaul. I just noticed there is no LISNews Page as well.

Entries and categories targeted for enhancements include:

LISWiki is a free and open publishing system. Everyone is encouraged to share information in your areas

of interest or expertise. Anyone can edit existing articles or create new ones. New articles are

welcome, and easy to create. If it doesn't already exist, a "create an article with this title" link

will appear in a search for your article title.