Cell Phone Use in the Library

JET writes "from Inside Higher Ed;

The decline of Western civilization proceeds apace. One shudders to imagine life in decades hence. A case in point: People now use cell phones in research libraries."


Articles like this drive me nuts."... conversing, not with their imaginary friends ... but rather with someone who is evidently named "Dude,"Can you picture the author of this sounding exactly like Aunt Bea or that old lady from Marx Brothers movies?Yeah it's irritating when people talk on their cell phones in the library. When people write articles about how cell phones, the Internet, rap videos, solar power, women's suffrage, eyebrow rings, etc. are "ruining Western Civilization" it's usually some horse's ass who is intimidated by teenagers, musicians he's never heard of and technology he can't use. So he tries to fob it off like HE'S erudite one and the people he doesn't get or like are the vulgarians.All the halmarks are there. He quotes and name-checks big name, pointy-headed authors that have no relevance to his central thesis. He has a forced tone of haughty highmindedness.Wow, a column on people using cell phones in the wrong places and at the wrong times. Hey dude, my cell phone is ringing. It's 1998. They want their column back.And the kicker ..."Many rant; few have his gift for it."And you would be one of the many who don't.

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