New FGI Discussions: October 15, 2006

This week found guest the volunteers at Free Government Information ( starting the following discussions we hope you will join:

In addition to starting the stories above, FGI volunteers started a new feature, a news aggregator. We have loaded up a lot of news feeds from online magazines, blogs and a few from the Government Printing Office and brought them together in one place for you to read them. Just look for the "news aggregator" link on the left hand side of the page. The news aggregator gives you the option of reading all the sources we at FGI find useful, or reading just ones from these four catagories:

This feature is very much in beta, so please check it out and offer us feedback and new sources, particularly blogs done by government document departments or librarians. Help us build a more useful tool. If you use Bloglines ( or some other RSS reader, consider subscribing to the FGI Feed at to get FGI stories as they are posted.

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