ZapTXT: Filtered RSS search, to go

Submitted by rochelle on Fri, 09/22/2006 - 14:43

Sameer Patel writes "ZapTXT is a free service that lets you create custom keyword searches to monitor your favorite RSS-enabled sites and receive alerts via Email, Instant Messenger or Mobile Device. URL: Features:- Task Monitoring — combine a set of feeds to monitor against a set of key words. So true task monitoring as opposed to per feed monitoring.- Easy refining of your feedset for a given task so you can constantly improve the quality of our results for a task- A Zap It! Book marklet that you add to your browser that passes a feed into ZapTXT from an RSS-enabled website that you stumble upon and want to monitor for keywords.- For those who care about OPML: Import your OPML file and monitor the entire feeds set for keywords using all of the delivery mechanisms we offer. We also let you refine the feed set from within ZapTXT as you find new feeds that you want to add. And of course, export any task or OPML file back to your reader if you like.- A Tag based system around feeds that have "need to know now" information from both media and public interest content sources.- More powerful search: for example create a ZapTask using your trusted feeds with Apple, Cisco, Microsoft AND upgrade, downgrade, merger as keywords. You'll get an alert every time any of these companies make the headlines for an upgrade, downgrade or merger. Usage Scenarios:- A researcher can create ZapTasks around his/her specific key words to search across a set of content sources(e.g. 'Joe Lieberman' on Daily KOS, CNN and Digg).- A diabetic or medical researcher can bring his/her feeds or select from tags, to have ZapTXT monitor a new drug, alternative treatment across trusted blogs and say the health section of the NYTimes.- A sports fan can monitor a team, a player on his/her favorite blogs and news sites- And for the shopper or jobseeker or any classifieds needs — let the deal come to you and be the first to respond. Monitor that digital camera across Craigslist, eBay Stores, CNET reviews or just about any commerce related rss enabled feed. Same applies for that job, an apartment etc. Thanks for taking a look"