Launches TV, Movie Service


Search Engines WEB writes "The service, dubbed Amazon Unbox, will offer thousands of television shows, movies and other videos from more than 30 studios and networks, the company said.
TV shows will cost $1.99 per episode, and most movies will go for $7.99 to $14.99; movies can also be rented for $3.99.
An AP Story and a CNET Post you might want to read."


They're selection isn't a whole lot different then iTunes, if anything its a lot less. The Star Trek stuff is a big catch though.

I was thinking about this the other day, if 1. I wasn't getting regular cable at a basic cable price (shhhh!) and 2. if it wasn't for the ability to randomly surf TV when bored silly, it would actually be cheaper to drop cable and download my favorite shows off iTunes at $2 a pop. Luckily, I can watch the Patriots without cable.